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After 18 years of parenting, I found myself struggling to adapt to the stage where I was bidding farewell to my children as they left my home to go live out of state/country. The relationships I had formed with my children and family members were evolving, some were getting more difficult to navigate than ever before. It felt like my once expansive and hope-filled world was constricting and there was nothing I could do but curl up and kiss the best years of my life good-bye.

I didn’t know how to figure out what would come next, or what I even wanted next. If I could figure it out, would it even be possible to have what I wanted?

A layer of health challenges added to my belief that I would never be able to be and do the things I once was and did.  

In my quest to find hope, new skills, and growth, I found life coaching. It showed me how to challenge the thoughts that were creating doubt, fear, and stagnation. It taught me how to believe new ideas, and gave me permission to want new things. I learned to see myself without judgement.

When judgement, negativity, and fear were stripped away, I was able to see myself with a lens of grace, and what I saw changed everything for me.

It didn’t take long for me to know this is what I wanted to do to help every woman I could. I became life coach certified in 2020 and have been giving people the gift of my sight ever since.

It is magic because they only need my vision long enough to find theirs. Once they can see clearly for themselves again, miracles happen.

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My Own Sphere of Influence

In 2012, my oldest daughter and I had the opportunity to travel to Nairobi, Africa and help build a school literally with our own hands.
It was an amazing experience that I have reflected upon continually in the years following.
I remember coming home from this trip being exceptionally aware of the privileges and wealth that I enjoyed. I felt the desire to give and share more than ever before.
But I also felt inadequate because my very dear friend had set up this system to feed, educate, and clothe hundreds of young African women and children, and all I had done was have 4 kids in the same time period. (what a limiting thought!)
I didn't see myself making the opportunity to go to Africa frequently, so I started asking myself what I could do locally in my sphere of influence.
When I shifted out of what I couldn't do, or hadn't done, and into what I could, my world opened.
I started the valuable habit of asking myself and listening to my own answers.
It has never failed me since.
I have done a lot of different things as I have answered this question for myself over and over again in the last 9 years.
Many of the things took courage for me to do and pushed me to grow in ways I wouldn't have anticipated. All have brought new connections and love into my life.
We all have a sphere of influence that is uniquely our own. There is only one you and only one me, but our contributions are limitless.
As you make your way through this holiday season, there will be people who can do more visible things than you can.
They will make more cookies, hang more lights, and wrap more presents, but they can't do the things that are yours to do.
If you start to get overwhelmed or discouraged, ask yourself my golden question.
What can I do today in my sphere of influence?
Remember, it doesn't need to be big, but it does have to be what your heart answers.
We will all love our lives more as we stop comparing and start believing that each of us has a role to play that is uniquely our own.

Guilty as charged?

Guilt is a tricky emotion.

It has a way of convincing us that it is coming from other people, institutions, or situations.

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say "____________ made me feel guilty." I would be much wealthier!

Instead, I want you to leave my post today a wealthier human. Your life will be much richer when you stop believing that anything outside of yourself has the power to make you feel or think!

You are the only one, in your whole life, for your entire life, that gets to choose what you think.

Because of this, you are the only one who will ever be the creator of any emotion in your body.

The second you believe that people, circumstances, or institutions make you feel guilt is the second you trap yourself into that feeling.

When we understand that our feelings come from our thoughts, we then understand that we can change thoughts and feelings anytime we choose.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching.

Let's lay away any guilt or annoyances we might experience if left to chance.

Let's choose to focus on love and gratitude as we interface with our families.

WE can choose to believe that when someone reminds us that we haven't been to see them for a long time that nothing has gone wrong.

We don't have to feel guilty because they remind us.

We can feel love when we interpret it to mean that they really miss us and like to have us around.

It is a subtle shift, but it is an enormous lift to our hearts. It is a perfect place to make a change and start to love your life a little more today than you did yesterday,

What do you tend to feel guilty about the most? What is another way to interpret your thoughts around this matter?

Let's share here, so that we can all let go together.

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Love Ability

Ahhh wedding photos!
We all have them. We clean up so nicely that day and gather with all the people who have made up our past and will make up our future.
If only life could stay as shiny and pretty as those first combined family pictures....
But what would be the fun in that? The reality is that the growth happens and deep connections are formed when life gets messy.
Perhaps your family or extended family relationships have gotten so messy that you can't seem to imagine a happily ever after or remember how there ever was a clean shiny day to get started?
If this is you, then listen up! There is hope!
I work with people everyday who want to find love and connection in their marital and family relationships.
No in-law is off the table. No husband, wife, sister, mother, father, brother, child, or ex relationship is beyond help with the tools I offer.
We don't ask any of them to change. They get to keep on being exactly who they are because our work is done with the only person we have power to change, and that is ourselves.
You might have believed that it takes two people to make a good relationship, but I challenge that old concept and invite you to learn the truth.
It only takes one person to make every relationship in your life amazing.
And that person is YOU.
I help people increase their Love Ability instead of focusing on theirs or others lovability.
If you want to feel more love in your life for the people you want to love or are even "supposed" to tolerate, then direct message me for a free consultation, or go to and sign up for one directly.
This is a new year.
We do not know what is to come.
We do know that there is not one precious moment worth wasting feeling awful, worried, judgmental, or depressed about our relationships.
I am your girl.

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