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What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.


Hi, I'm Ronda Loveridge

Founder of the Love Your Life Lab

and Certified Life Coach

This is my story...

After 18 years of parenting, I found myself struggling to adapt to the stage where I was bidding farewell to my children as they left my home to go live out of state/country.

The relationships I had formed with my children and family members were evolving, some were getting more difficult to navigate than ever before. It felt like my once expansive and hope-filled world was constricting and there was nothing I could do but curl up and kiss the best years of my life good-bye.

 I didn’t know how to figure out what would come next, or what I even wanted next. Was I even allowed to want ..... MORE?

A layer of health challenges added to my belief that I would never be able to be and do the things I once was and did.  

In my quest to find hope, new skills, and growth, I found life coaching. It showed me how to challenge the thoughts that were creating doubt, fear, and stagnation. It taught me how to believe new ideas, and gave me permission to want new things. 

Digging myself out of my dark place with coaching, new beliefs, and finding possibility again took me a few years. I don't want anybody else to have to struggle for so long.

I became life coach certified in 2020 and have been giving people the gift of these tools and my coaching ever since,

It is the honor of my life to work with my clients and be their witness as they make all the internal changes necessary to love their lives exactly as they were, but better because they have new eyes to see.


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