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No matter your price range, your pain point, or your experience, Ronda has the perfect place for you.

Monthly Membership to the Love Your Life Lab

Are you interested in the benefits of life coaching principles but not ready to spend the money on individual coaching? This group is for you. 

Automatically Renews Monthly


 Membership Package Plus Personal Coaching

This membership gives you everything from the monthly membership to the Love Your Life Lab, plus one personal 60-minute coaching session each month.  

Automatically Renews Monthly


6-Month Individual Coaching Package

This package is how  you jump in and get to work with everything tailored to you exactly where you are now. We meet weekly and pull out all the stops to fast track you into feeling your best, most clear self.


I am the Love Your Life Coach


Hi, I'm Ronda Loveridge. I am a mom to 5, living the good life from the middle of America. I embrace my life with intention, grace, and joy. I have the tools as a certified life coach to help all who want the same. 

More About Me

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What can you expect from working with Ronda?

Expect to be truly seen and heard in a way that will change your perception of yourself and your life before you get off of your first call.

Your circumstances do not define you

Learn how to see through old beliefs that have stopped you from progressing.

Do not believe every thought you think

 Learn how to differentiate between thoughts and facts.

The best is still to come

Learn why today is the perfect day to start the rest of your life.


$39.99 monthly

Cancel at any time

  • Weekly Zoom Class
  • Group Coaching
  • Weekly Worksheets
  • Principle Based
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Membership means unlimited access

Get your group coaching during the weekly live Zoom class. The worksheet and recordings of each class will be available to you to consume on your own time as often as you like. 


"I literally feel like I have a magic wand. It really shows me how one person can change everything  and that you are never stuck. I changed everything when I changed me."

Kindee, 48, Non Profit Executive, Colorado

"Ronda knows how to listen. I feel like she really hears me and gets me and is then able to help me see what I'm missing, so I can change my own perspective. Coaching with her has made my life so much better."

Sara, Massage Therapist and Stay at Home Mom, 37, Idaho

 "I clearly remember the first thought that felt so right about the circumstance that had been bothering me. Each time my brain wanted to go back to its original thought, I could tell it what Ronda had taught me and it created the feeling that I thought was impossible to have! It felt like a weight was physically taken off of my shoulders."

A.C., 50, Lawyer, Mom to 4, Virginia

Ronda is a great listener. She is empathetic. She does not judge. She is spiritual. She is funny. She is encouraging and supportive. In each session with Ronda, I've gained significant insights into myself and my ability to create the life I want."

Your Brain Wants to Be Right More Than It Wants To Feel Better

No wonder we all get stuck feeling the same negative emotions on repeat. We think we want to be more connected, feel joy, reach goals, change habits, or take the trip, but our brains are stuck back in 1995 reminding us that we aren't the kind of people who .....  As long as that old script is running the show, all the "better" things remain just out of reach. I can show you how to recognize the thoughts that are running your life on autopilot and help you create a life filled with intentional, purposeful living, in other words, a life full of JOY!

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